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The TDC Framework is your roadmap for common questions and challenges you may experience working on a data-driven project. From formulating your question, to ensuring you have access to data, to preparing and analyzing your data, to presenting your results, the content in this section is your go to place for TDC’s latest resources, events, and tools.

A TANF Data Model

Preparing Data

Discusses the transformation process and provides a few examples of what that process might look like in a step-by-step implementation from different source systems.


Data Sharing -- Where to Start?

Accessing Data

Lately there's been increased excitement and interest in better harnessing administrative data for program improvement.


Federal Reporting Fundamental Series - ACF-199

Communicating Data + Findings

In this posting, we go over the basics of the ACF-199, one of several required forms for states and territories receiving federal TANF funding.


Understanding Longitudinal TANF Caseload Trends

Analyzing Data

TANF agencies generally track basic caseload trends over time, such as total families or families of certain types.


Scoping Your Project

Laying the Groundwork

The importance of asking the right question is the first step in getting the most out of your data project. You should have an overall goal in mind.