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So you have the data, but how to set it up for analysis? In this section, you'll find tools, resources, and guidance around how to prepare your data so you can extract the maximum value from your analysis. For example, how should you organize the columns and rows in your dataset so you can get results that make sense? How do you align one dataset that is at the case level with another one that is at the person level? This is one of the most common questions we get; so we provide you with a data model that shows how your data can be set up to maximize its analytical value. You may be familiar with the saying "garbage in, garbage out" related to data analysis. This section is designed to help you mitigate common data problems. We share tips and tools for data cleaning so you can get better insights from your data.

A TANF Data Model

Preparing Data

Discusses the transformation process and provides a few examples of what that process might look like in a step-by-step implementation from different source systems.